About Bittens

The IT consulting Bittens Datentechnik is a company that specializes in the IT organization, business organization and technical implementation. Companies in the manufacturing and servicing sector are recorded since working with us in a prosperous improvement of electronic data processing.

Since 1992, we serve small and medium sized businesses in all regions with great success. Our goal has been and continues to be the supply, maintenance and all which sustains the field of IT.

During the preparation of specifications and its applications in all the items of the networks have been adapted by us. Novell networks as well as Windows networks.

Our personnel provide services to the customers on site carry out new installations and improve performance by the substitutions of IT equipment. They are used for "troubleshooting" as well as used for project-related developments.

Our goal is to support you in all areas of IT so you can use your computer adequately and efficiently to meet the specific needs of your work.

Accountability and transparency is an integral part of our service.