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Why do we sell products of Shuttle?

In the foreground we agree with the philosophy and technology Shuttle. In our experience over 20 years in the computer industry we can say that the Shuttle products have a very high quality and satisfaction for the user demand.


What is a barebone?

A barebones PC is a not complete PC. The Shuttle barebone consists of a box with a mini PC, a power supply, a cooling system and a motherboard. To get a full PC you have only to add a processor, a memory, a storage unit and optionally a graphics card.

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The general types of Shuttle assortment are:


Since their introduction in 2001, these cube-sized Mini-PCs have impressed users with their wide range of applications. Shuttle XPC Mini-PCs offer impressive performance, high-end processing and rapid assembly.

XPC cube

Tiny machines that punch well above their weight. Although just a few centimetres thin, these Mini-PCs are packed with intelligent and energy-saving technologies. Some models are also HD-compatible.

XPC slim

With the NC01U Series, Shuttle introduces its first Mini-PC with less than 600 ml in volume. These small computers are powered by Intel's highly efficient "Broadwell" ULV processors ranging from Celeron up to Core i7.

XPC nano

All-in-One PCs combine monitor and processor in a single device. With touchscreen models you often no longer need a mouse or keyboard for user control.

XPC all-in-one

Extend the possibilities of your Shuttle products with the clever line-up of accessories. Shuttle offers handy carrying bags, beefy power supplies, additional ports to enhance connectivity and special mounting kits.

XPC accesorios

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