IT Maintenance


Often companies pay too much for their computer equipment and maintenance contracts

Companies are well aware of their IT cost-saving, but in many cases, the maintenance contracts are not sufficiently detailed and consequently are overpaid. Also care should be taken that the existing hardware is not replaced prematurely and no new software is purchased, if it brings no added value.
However, cost savings are not always easily followed. Many companies will present their products on an early renewal - e.g. by not developing the control from device drivers when they are in good conditions. A system integrator for medical office software, applies a strategy for selling overpriced hardware suggested to the customer just so the proper operation can be ensured.
Many IT professionals do not know, for example, that the service contracts can't be completed only at the manufacturing workshop, but also by other service providers.

We offer two types of contract:

Would you like a maintenance contract for hardware, a device or a system? Then we will make for you a suitable contract.
For example, if you have a service contract with us for your server and a disk fails, we will there for, pay the total replacement service required at no extra charge.

Would you like us to look after your entire IT environment? Then we can make a maintenance agreement which is valued depending on the number of devices that are required for your computer system in order to safeguard the proper operation of your technical equipment and always compatible to the total operating expenses.

We are financed through a monthly fee, which is calculated according to the time quota we agree on, and then make reservations for you.

The times are recorded and remain - if not exhausted in the current month - would be valid for up to three months. At the beginning of the computer maintenance contract, we apply a probation period of three months.

It is not important which services are provided - phone support, training or home service - you can take advantage of our facilities. Also on the agreed time-quota, we would discount the hourly rate.

How do you benefit in cooperation with us?

Advantages of a maintenance contract with us:

The reaction time in case of error messages is max. 24 hours

Troubleshooting in case of failure

Replacement / installation of hardware and peripheries

Inspection of the server and the periphery

Optical control of the hardware

Setting up new software components and adapting to individual requirements

Free driver update service via internet

Use of technical telephone hotline

Almost 20% discount on regular hourly rate

If you are interested in a maintenance contract, please send us an email to and you will receive a draft contract.