IP Telephony system - Radio - Modem Technique


The exchange of information on a spatial distance is called telecommunications.

For over 20 years we have been developing in the telecommunications sector. The experience in the rapidly growing field allows us to analyze your individual need for telecommunication equipment and provide solutions. You benefit from our strong partnership.

Telecommunications and Concepts:


Hybrid IP Telecommunication Systems

CTI - Computer Telephony Integration

DECT integration and Extensions

Telephones - SIP/ISDN/Analog/System

ISDN Controller / Modem



Network Connection (IP/LTE/analogue)




Conversion of the Telephone Network in Europe


Until now calls were made through circuit-switches. This technique is changing to packege switched connections (VoIP, all-IP, IP connection). In Germany, the conventional technique in 2018 will no longer be used. What does this mean for companies? We can inform you about this subject - please call us or write to us!

Agfeo AS 44 ITCommunication System for ISDN-,
S2M-, Analog- and IP. Modular
expansion up to 46 participants.




Agfeo ES 522 ITCommunication System for ISDN
and IP, SmartHome, 22 User and
30 Devices max.




Agfeo ST 42 IPIP-Telephone